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Free Shipping On Orders Over $69.95

Piazza Stainless Steel Measuring Pourer

by Piazza
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Piazza was founded in the Cusio area in 1880 by the brothers Giuseppe and Baldassarre Piazza. They were keenly aware that the company’s growth could be achieved through trust, passion, daily commitment and respect for both their own work and their staff.

Today, more than 135 years after the company was founded, our guiding values have remained the same. Based on a careful selection of raw materials, attention to detail, research in new technologies and passion for our work, our goal is to offer products which always live up to the expectations of the people who will actually use them.

Pourers are part of PIAZZA’s industrial history, the application of innovative materials and technologies to the object which first triggered production of PIAZZA professional utensils in steel, is symbol of the constant, in-depth search for quality and functionality.

A synthesis of steel and silicone, the pourers in silicone highlight the positive features of both materials: to the well tried practicality of the details in steel. Is added a lamellar covering in silicone which, due to the intrinsic characteristics of the material and the specially designed lamella conformation, guarantees perfect use. 


  • Drip-catcher spout
  • Air inlet and tough
  • Easy insertion, resistance to leaks
  • Hermetic closure with easy flow of all types of liquids (oil, liqueur, vinegar)
  • No risk of leaking, of the cork slipping or of odours remaining on the part in silicone.