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Free Shipping On Orders Over $69.95
Free Shipping On Orders Over $69.95

About Us

Piazza USA wants to bring all tradition generated 140 years ago, the values ​​that concern us are still the same. Through the careful selection of raw materials, attention to detail, continuous research into new technologies and the passion for our work, we try to offer products that always live up to the expectations of those who will use them.

We listen carefully to catering professionals to interpret criticisms and needs to try to anticipate their needs.

We work alongside the best training companies, because their students today will be the great chefs of tomorrow.

We take care of our customers by offering them the possibility of customizing our products and designing display solutions for the point of sale. Finally, we want our communication to always be clear, honest and transparent.

For us, all this can be summed up in just two words: PIAZZA Quality